Ugly Duckling


    Hans Christian Anderson's classic tale of the Ugly Duckling but set in a more applicable context by A. A. Milne (who also wrote Winnie the Pooh). The kingdom is a wreck. The drawbridge takes half an hour to be lowered, the King is lazy, the Queen is caught up in her appearances, and because of a spell set by Great Aunt Malkin, Princess Camilla, who is supposed to epitomize beauty in the land, is... well let's just put it this way: less than attractive. The King and Queen's attempts to find a suitor for their daughter have failed: Strangely, in every contest they hold, the suitors all mysteriously loose their conquests after seeing Camilla. To make things worse, a certain Prince Simon is to arrive today to court the Princess. But! the King and Queen have a plan involving Camilla's handmaid, Dulcibella. The clever scheme is set into action and a humorous tale unfolds to answer the pertinent question in the kingdom: will Camilla find a man who will love her for who she is?

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