Try to branch out from what you usually do and learn something cool! :)

Vikram S. 2014 Math/Science Music/Literature
Srikar P. 2014 History/Mythology Economists/Sports
Rahul S. 2014 Math/Science Art/Music
Varun M. 2014 Math/Science Architecture/Literature
Andrew W. 2014 History/Math Music/Mythology
Rohith B. 2014 History/Pop Culture Geography/Religion/Philosophers
Stephanie C. 2014 “I don’t know” Literature/Art/Biology
Vikas B. 2014 History/Math/Science Mythology
Ananth S. 2012 “anything” Mythology/Literature
Pranav S. 2013 Mythology/History/”anything” Astronomy
Arihant J. 2012 “I don’t know” Sports/Physics/History
Max I. 2012 History/Astronomy Art
Andrew L. 2013 Math/Science Astronomy/Sports

You can get the most information from frequency lists; other resources will be up soon.

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