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Hi everyone! Thanks to Ram Menon, our quiz bowl website is now backed up on the Harker servers. We’re still working out a few kinks (mainly Caelestor can’t log in and he has to use the admin account), but this site will be up and running smoothly very soon!

Hi everyone! Here is the Literature Quiz, Part 1 on the first 25 works (and their authors) in the NAQT Literature list.

In two weeks, we’ll be offering a quiz on the first 50 works (and their authors) in the list! Yes, it’s a cumulative quiz, probably going to be 15 questions. Your target should be to score 20 out of 30 pts.

Hello everybody, here is the Norse Mythology Quiz that was administered on 1/26.

Since we need work on the humanities, next week, we’ll have a quiz on the first 25 works of literature in this list: You’ve probably read or heard most of them, but in addition to knowing the author, you should be able to briefly summarize the work.

Thanks to a friend from Bellarmine, here is a great resource for practicing the frequency lists! Check out Quizlet for more ways to practice reviewing important topics.

Justin Y. 2014 Mythology/Science Biology/Art
Urvi G. 2014 Mythology/Languages Literature/Religion

Quiz Kids Videos

Here, you can find Harker Quiz Bowl’s past performances! Note that the format often changes each year.

v. Lowell (2005-2006?): (Final Round)

v. Concord (2008-2009?): (Collab Round), (X-treme Lightning Round)

v. Riordan (2009-2010): (Pt 1), (Pt 2), (Pt 3)

v. San Mateo (2010-2011):

You can come to our next taping v. Westmoor, which will be on Saturday, February 26th (note the change in time and opponent). Quiz Kids is filmed at the Samtrans HQ near the San Mateo Caltrain station.

Hi everybody,

Here is the expanded/extended version of the Mathematicians + Sculptors Quiz administered on 1/19. The first page contains 18 in-depth questions that pretty much cover all of the entire NAQT mathematicians list, and 10 questions about the sculptors.

Next week we’ll have a quiz on Norse mythology (a surprisingly common topic in QB), so get ready!

Study Assignments

Try to branch out from what you usually do and learn something cool! :)

Vikram S. 2014 Math/Science Music/Literature
Srikar P. 2014 History/Mythology Economists/Sports
Rahul S. 2014 Math/Science Art/Music
Varun M. 2014 Math/Science Architecture/Literature
Andrew W. 2014 History/Math Music/Mythology
Rohith B. 2014 History/Pop Culture Geography/Religion/Philosophers
Stephanie C. 2014 “I don’t know” Literature/Art/Biology
Vikas B. 2014 History/Math/Science Mythology
Ananth S. 2012 “anything” Mythology/Literature
Pranav S. 2013 Mythology/History/”anything” Astronomy
Arihant J. 2012 “I don’t know” Sports/Physics/History
Max I. 2012 History/Astronomy Art
Andrew L. 2013 Math/Science Astronomy/Sports

You can get the most information from frequency lists; other resources will be up soon.

Welcome to the official blog of the Harker Quiz Bowl! Here, you’ll find information of past/upcoming events, as well as useful topics and previously administered quizzes that you can use to boost your knowledge of the world!

Hello everybody,

Here is the Deserts Quiz that was given on 1/05. The first page contains a detailed summary of the world’s important deserts, the second the quiz questions, and the third the solutions.