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"A language that doesn't have everything is actually easier to program in than some that do." - Dennis M. Ritchie


Support us! HPI Registration and Progress

A lot of good things happened this weekend. Notice the Google+, Twitter, and Facebook buttons to the left? That's right, you can now help our website gain popularity by posting on your favorite social networking sites! (And please do.)

The web page design has been touched up - especially on IE9, with full support for HPC and ContestZone available now. (Although, if you're using IE, we recommend that you switch to Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari for better graphics and speed.) Additionally, notice the random programming quotations under our website header.

Harker Programming Invitational preparation is going along swimmingly. We have now found at least 6 volunteer problem writers and an arsenal of sponsors for HPI 2012. We may even give out t-shirts for all volunteers and contest participants.

If you'd like to register a 3-person team for our invitational this year, please do so on this form.

Finally, HPI will be a themed competition, but we'd like to hear your suggestions first since our problems aren't completely written yet. Please comment below... after I implement the comment function.

By the way, students from any secondary (high) school can join our programming contest community by creating an account here.

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USACO Milestone and Contest

USACO [train.usaco.org] has graded 1,000,000 submissions! Congratulations!
Be sure to take the January competition this weekend.

And yes, this site is still in development. Check back every week for updates!

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What's new?


ContestZone, our new contest system, is entering Alpha v1.1. I will ask you to please refrain from messing around too much with the website right now; it is still prone to possible accidents.

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