HELM is an annually released magazine that includes the work of many Harker students who wish to contribute. Art, Poetry, Short Stories, Photography, and other pieces of creativity are encouraged. Check out the officers and talk to them if you have any questions. You can also email them at harkerhelm@gmail.com.

When your submission is received, you will get a confirmation email. If you do not get a confirmation email by the end of the week, please email the officers.


   Olivia Zhu                                Kaitlin Halloran

    Head of Finance:                    Head of Publicity:
    Meghna Chatterjee                Justine Liu

    Head of Design:
    Daisy Mohrman



What you can submit:

HELM happily accepts and publishes poetry, prose, short stories, essays, photography, and artwork.

If you want to submit any artwork, you must submit a digital copy. HELM will not accept actual paintings, drawings, etc. Either scan your work or take a good photograph of it. We will require high-resolution images and may ask you to re-scan if necessary. 

HELM accepts submissions in any language and does not reject submissions based on obscenity or subject matter (except for descriptions of drug use and pornography.)

Now accepting your work.

Email us with your submissions at