This is the club website for the Harker GSA, or Gay Straight Alliance. Feel free to take a look around--we have information on gay symbols and terms, as well as links and our first newsletter.

The First ever GSA Newsletter, The Rainbow Connection, is now available! You can read it here, or get a hardcopy from Mr. Olivas.

The GSA meets every Wednesday at noon in Rm. 21 Main Building (Mr. Olivas’ room)

At the GSA, we...
...discuss magazine, newspaper and online articles
...invite outside speakers
atch and discuss TV news clips and TV specials movies pertaining to the GLBTQ community

Everyone is welcome to bring in videos or news articles and ideas to discuss. We want to create a safe, accepting environment for everyone

The GSA is a place where you can...
...ask lots of questions your support for diversity
...have fun relaxing and discussing certain issues
...understand the complexity of gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.
...learn more about what it means to be gay, bisexual, lesbian, questioning, etc.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to e-mail or come find us. You don’t have to be gay or reveal your sexual orientation to be in the GSA. Just come with an open mind and be ready to discuss. Feel free to drop by if you have time – you don’t have to commit to coming every week. You can bring your lunch to the meeting.


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