Acronym for Gay Straight Alliance


Acronym for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirited, Questioning, Queer


Homosexual; a term to describe men who are attracted to men or women who are attracted to women; a community made of GLBTTQQ people


Homosexual woman


Refers to people who are attracted to both males and females


Refers to people whose biological sex and sexual identity differ; the word refers to transsexuals, drag kings and queens, crossdressers and others who have ambiguous gender roles


A word from Aboriginal people that refers to people who have both a male and a female spirit; this characteristic was honored because it brings balance to the world


A term that refers to lesbians that is considered to be a negative stereotype by some; others consider the term a way to express independence and strength in women


In Latin, this word means “a bundle of sticks” because gay people were burned during the inquisition with witches; generally a derogatory term that refers to gay men


People that support gays and help educate the community about GLBTTQQ issues


Describes a person who is still discovering his/ her sexual orientation and/ or gender role


Originally adopted to intimidate heterosexual people; today, the word is at times used to refer to people of the gay community


A term to mean heterosexual


Discrimination based on a person’s gender


A belief that heterosexual relationships are superior to all others

Heterosexual Assumption

The idea that people are heterosexual unless declared as gay; the assumption that heterosexuality is the norm

Heterosexual Privilege

Benefits or rights that are automatically granted to heterosexuals but denied to people of the gay community


A fear of romantic feelings for people of the same gender; the hatred of same-sex feelings in other people

Coming Out

A process GLBTTQ people go through when acknowledging their identity; one usually comes out to oneself, then family members and friends, and finally with the public (coworkers)


Exposure of a person’s sexuality without his/ her knowledge or permission

Closeted/In the Closet

Words to describe people that are not out; people stay in the closet for numerous reasons; “in the closet” refers to never being able to fully express oneself


Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays; An organization that supports the gay community and spreads awareness

"That's so gay"

“That’s so happy, jubilant and wonderful”

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