War and genocide in the 20th century have left Vietnamese and Cambodian societies in ruin. Poverty, corruption and despair have helped fuel child sex trafficking. Impoverished children from ages 5-14 are at extreme risk every day of being sold, kidnapped, traded, or tricked into prostitution and child slavery. Though kidnapping is one of the major tactics for the growing sex industry, some children are tricked into applying for jobs in restaurants and shops that are really brothels. Sometimes desperate parents even sell their children to the industry. These youth come from extremely poor families in remote areas along the border of Cambodia such as and Svay Pak and Phnom Penh and rural or metropolitan cities in Southern Vietnam, such as An Giang and Saigon.

      Since 2004, ACWP, Aid for Children Without Parents, a non-profit volunteer-run organization in San Jose, has been working to help remove the underlying causes of prostitution by providing children with emergency medical care, educational and vocational programs and school facilities, short-term financial support, and emergency relief through a project called “Saving Children in Crisis” (SCIC). Since 2005, ACWP provided relief for children at the greatest risk of sex-trafficking in Svay Pak, the infamous child-prostitution district featured on NBC Dateline

      This year, ACWP and Harker are raising money to build a new school in place of the brothel in Svay Pak, Cambodia, and to sponsor the education and vocational support of 5 Svay Pak youths at risk of sex trafficking there. 

      ACWP would like to emphasize that it is not a child-rescue organization, since it would cause social and political problems in Cambodia. Directly rescuing the children from the brothels is not only short-term, but it is also highly dangerous since the sex industries are growing more armed. Often times, the children end up returning to sex trafficking after being rescued because it is the only job they can find to support their families, and other times they are kidnapped again. Therefore, ACWP supports a more effective, long-term approach to helping the children. They aim to prevent instead of directly stop sex trafficking by providing children educational and medical services and hope for a brighter future.  

      Our goal: $10,000

    • Finishing the construction of the Svay Pak school that was once a brothel: $4000 (It takes $25,000 to build one school, and they have $21,000 so far).
    • Furnishing the school with furniture, school supplies, etc: $3000
    • Sponsoring 5 Svay Pak young individuals with vocational scholarships: $600 each

Our 5 individual sponsors:

  1. Sok Chanvy (f), age: 23, Svay Pak

   Aspiration: Teacher

  1. Roath Chanthy (m), age 23, Svay Pak,

    Aspiration: Accountant

  1. Saman Dediez (m), age 20, Svay Pak

    Aspiration: Business manager

  1. Sous Putheany (f), age 26, Boeung Tum Pun

    Aspiration: Tourism director

  1. Long Samnang (f) age 21, Boeung Tum Pun

    Aspiration: Psychologist

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