About WAC

Harker's World Awareness Committee was created in 2006 to support Global Awareness Month. In March that year, Global Awareness Month (or GAM, as we affectionately call it) focused on the genocide in Darfur and raising money for refugees. 

Under the Green Ribbon Project, students sold green ribbons for $1 each in order to buy chickens for $15 each for refugee families. The acquirement of livestock improves a family’s chances of survival. Students also sold T-shirts emblazoned with “Stop genocide in Sudan” and CD compilations of original music, called Art With A Heart. 

Nearly the entire school participated in A Lunch in Darfur, an event where each person forfeited his or her lunch in the Edge to eat rice and beans in a simulation of a refugee camp. The student body watched The Lost Boys of Sudan, a documentary about two Sudanese refugees who find a life in America. Santino Mayok Chuor, one of the two Lost Boys, spoke to the school, answered questions, and even sang for everyone. The money saved by the Edge through making less lunch that day was donated. 

WAC also hosted speaker Nicole Sanchez from YPW (www.newglobalcitizens.org), who especially emphasized the power of youth to change the world. (back to top?)

In total, WAC raised $15,000 in that one month for Oxfam and Relief International. 

This year, WAC partnered with NHS and International Club to hold a day-long event during Homecoming Week: to fit into the week’s theme of heroes and villains, A Day of Real Heroism. Students brought in loads of canned food for a one-day canned food drive that also counted towards spirit events. In total, we raised over 5,000 cans of food for Second Bank Food Harvest. 

Students also contributed to the Brown Bag Lunch by bringing home lunches, decorating their brown paper lunch bags, and listening to The Pizookies and Roger Kim play a live concert during lunch. Chef Steve donated money from the Edge once again. Proceeds from International Club’s drink sales the previous week combined with money from Chef Steve were donated to Children’s Town in Zambia, a school that houses, feeds, and educates children who are AIDS orphans. 

The World Awareness Committee strives to do two things: firstly, utilize the resources of the student body to make a difference in communities elsewhere in the world, and secondly, to educate the student body about issues pertinent to the global community. (Back to top?)

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