The Cum Laude Society is a national organization that recognizes academic achievement in secondary schools for the purpose of promoting excellence (Areté), justice (Diké) and honor (Timé). There are over three hundred high school chapters across the nation.

This year, the Harker CLS chapter is aiming to be more than a nominal entity. We are an organization that is attempting to showcase excellence at Harker, both from within the school’s ranks and from without. Two new features of the society this year are a publication and a lecture series. The Cum Laude publication draws on notable accomplishments from any Harker student ranging from papers to visual artwork. Our second new feature is the Cum Laude Lecture Series, which draws influential people from all across both the United States and the world to open our minds to different kinds of excellence. Please peruse our website to learn about this new vehicle of change at the Harker school!